Wayfarers Cottage

Holiday Let

George and Ann own this lovely holiday cottage in the Peak District. They approached me to overhaul their ageing site and drag it into the twenty first century!

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Got the job done. Cheers Chris

Peaktech UK

Industrial Merchant

Peaktech UK are buyers and sellers of used laboratory equipment. Their brief was for me to build a site that was clean and simple, both in terms of look and use. This reflected their no-nonsense but effective business model. A general overview of the company with clear links to their online stock listings was requested.

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Chris got it sorted without making me feel like an idiot
- thanks.

Hugh Sitton


Hugh is a professional travel stock photographer of some thirty years. His work is well established online and so instead of reinventing the wheel and having a huge portfolio of work 'parked' on the site, we instead decided on a simple but elegant 'hub' that connects to all strands of his agency work.

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I'd tried building my own site with one of those templating things, but the results weren't great.
…dealing with Chris was simple and straightforward…

Christopher Richards


Chris is a professional landscape painter living in the West Country. With this portfolio site it was chiefly a case of representing his vast body of work in an intuitive, uncluttered kind of way. His prolific work rate meant for marathon organising and coding sessions but we think the overall results are pretty good.

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…obligingly sympathetic with technophobes like me. Innovative and informative, with a super friendly approach…
a real winner.